The Program            

The Texas state law gives you the right. You may legally defer or postpone paying any property taxes on your homestead...for as long as you own and occupy it... the deferral applies to all property taxes on your homestead. The deferral only postpones the paying of your taxes. It doesn't cancel them. Interest is added at the rate of 8% per year. A penalty may not be imposed during deferral period.
It's a Win-Win Situation.   Here are your choices :
1. You pay your taxes each year (nothing new here)
2. You legally defer your taxes (at 8% simple interest per year) and pay them later. The money you save can be multiplied for the benefit of your family, school, church, or favorite charity.

The History of The Texas Property TaxBack Program

During the late 1970s, several senior groups (including AARP) successfully lobbied for a way to give Texas' senior citizens a tax break. These lobbying groups wanted the seniors to be able to use their property tax dollars directly for the benefit of themselves and their families. As a result of these efforts, Texas Property Tax Code §33.06 was passed and was put into effect September 01, 1979...

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